See Beauty in the Seasons

Most of the U.S. experiences 4 seasons of weather.  That is great for those that are able to see beauty in every season!  I say that because most of us, including myself, have complained at some point about it being too hot or too cold!  Some of us, again including myself, have even dreamed of a move to the tropics or a warmer climate as being the answer for living an ideal life.  A person has the power to be happy and satisfied in any environment, despite their surroundings.  Satisfaction and fulfillment in life is not based on surroundings, but on what we allow ourselves to think about situations and our environment.

I love stopping the car and capturing beauty of the seasons with my camera.  If I am not able to do that, I at least try to pay attention, and intentionally seek for beauty in my surroundings.  This can lead to a feeling of awe and delight, and definitely a peace and contentment.  So if you’re ever stressed out, take a moment and enjoy life, even if you can only take a few seconds to look for beauty around you.


imageimage image

Check out the photo below that I took while driving down the hill on which I live!  It is sights like this that keep me happy and relaxed even during the most stressful times of life.



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