New Beginnings


There’s nothing like a beautiful start to my day!  It get’s me thinking about “new beginnings”.  The photo above was the beautiful start of a very overcast day.  If I hadn’t been paying attention to how the day was beginning, looking to the East and expecting something beautiful, I would have missed this entirely.  I believe the beauty of this sunrise maybe lasted for a mere 5 seconds like this before the sun was totally obscured and the opportunity to capture it with my camera was completely gone.  This shed light on a thought I have had for a long time that has prompted three very good questions.  Am I looking for the good in every day?  What are my expectations for each individual day that I live?  Are my expectations negative or positive?  I’ll cover a more in-depth look at this topic in a post soon.

Today can be and should be the beginning or start of the rest of my life.  I can’t change yesterday.  It is water under the bridge, no matter how good or bad it was.  I have “today” to live a little better than yesterday.  I’m not promised “tomorrow” and can’t do anything about “yesterday” except to use “yesterday” as a stepping stone for improvement in living “today”.  Today is my opportunity to improve by at least 1%.  That is a very realistic expectation, a positive one, and a great focus to start your day with to.

So, as you begin your day today, how are you looking at it?  What is your focus?  What are your expectations for it?  Are they positive or are they negative?  Are you looking for good in every day?  I try to and have never been disappointed in my day when I have kept a positive focus and realistic expectations.

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