Promises that are Kept

Have been thinking today of promises that we can have faith in, faith that they’ll come to pass.  It’s a great focus as we go through life.  I often become disappointed in other people that don’t keep their word.  I know this is getting a little religious but, there is a promise that God made thousands of years ago that He is still keeping today.  He often reminds us of His promise when we witness the miracle of the rainbow.  With the rainbow He promised it would be a sign to all following generations after He flooded the earth in Noah’s day, that He would never again flood the whole earth.  I was stopped in my tracks with a vivid reminder of this the other day while we received a much-needed Spring shower.  I stopped briefly to try and capture this beautiful moment in the photo below…

It’s one thing to be disappointed and maybe a little angry or upset with other people for not keeping promises, but another thing to be too easy on ourselves about keeping our own word.  Our word matters so much.  What we say we’ll do or are going to do, is important!  It is however important to speak nicely to ourselves in our self-dialogue inside our head even if we fail to keep our word.  So, when we say we are going to do something, whether it’s a new lifestyle change or habit, or whether it is about what we’re going to do for others, or where we say we’re going to go,  let’s keep our word!  It ensures that we have a proper healthy respect for ourselves and for others.  It builds credibility with others that are depending on us to be there for them.

As I’ve said in the past, we need to pause, capture the little moments of beauty and miracles in our day, and commit them to paper, photos, or at the very least ponder them at the end of our day.

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