Dare To Dream


What do you dream about?  The photo above looks like a picture of some imaginary land from a storybook that we would like to visit.  The dream-like colors add an a “mystical” or “magical” touch to a very ordinary field in Washington County,NY.  Dare to dream.  Let your imagination go wild about what your ideal life would look like!  Your first step in creating your ideal life is to dare to dream about it in the first place, to give yourself permission to dream.

A dream just remains a dream however unless someone takes steps to make it happen.  One of the first steps in planning to achieve your dream life is to realistically plan what it will take to achieve it.  Make a vision board “dream board” that has pictures of your dream house, car, state or country you want to live in, etc. and focus on those photos every day.  Better yet,  make sure you are completing at least one step per day on your way to accomplishing your dream.  It’s your dream, don’t let others steal it!  You can realistically achieve it with some work, some action!

As a final recommendation, check out Dr. Tom Barrett’s book, “Dare to Dream and Work to Win”, to learn solid principles on turning your dream into reality.  http://www.daretodream.net

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